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Exotic Reptiles

Meet the crew!

Meet some of the crew here at Animal Cwtch 


Princess Leia 

Princess Leia is a key member of Animal Cwtch. She is a Royal Python (Ball Python). She is a lovely laid-back snake that is happy to meet people, be held and even hang around your neck for a bit. Leia is an absolute favourite and much-requested repeat animal to bring to any event. 



Penny is a Quaker parrot (Monk Parakeet). She was hand reared since June 2022. Still quite young but a very integral part of Animal Cwtch. Children and adults love having a picture taken with Penny on their shoulder, arm or even head. 

Penny has a big cheeky personality and loves nothing better than going for a drive in the car and stealing other people's food. She is by far one of our most requested animals to bring along. 



Falkor never fails to make a wow when he emerges at a party or event. Who could fail to be blown over by that blue tongue and laid-back attitude? 

Everyone loves getting a photo of holding him or trying to capture that tongue-out picture. He often receives more cuddles and kisses than any other animal. 


Yoshi and Groot 

This pair are from the world's biggest species of gecko. The Leachianus gecko. Often feared by the indigenous people of New Caledonia, where they are known for the loud noises they make at night, these pair show that there is nothing to fear.  

They make a really interesting species to learn about, from finding out what makes them stick to any surface to how they can use their tails as a form of defence. 

These are our favourite gecko species, with many to choose from. Will they be your favourite species too?


Who could not love a hedgehog? 

Meet Trixie the African Pgymu Hedgehog who loves coming to meet new people and having a cuddle. Another favouote that people want to love and hold over and over again. 

Boba Fett 

Boba Fett the boa constrictor! Boba Fett is an amazing snake, and he's still growing! Kevin's favourite, Boba Fett loves to spend time with his human friends, and sometimes, if you're lucky, he'll even handcuff children!


And so many more ...

Gecks the Leoprad gecko

Legolas the legless lizard, 

Poe another Royal (and many more) 

Jabba the bearded Dragon

Jar-jar binks the frilled dragon 

Steve the Mountain horned dragon

Sheldon and Amy the Red foot tortoises 

Stary the Indian Star Tortoise 

Dylan the Tarantula

Twizzler the milk snake 

Iron Bru the hognose

Jemima the duck (and more ducks)

Maple the Giant Rabbit (and many more rabbits) 

Unicorn the one-eared rabbit 

Fudge the guinea pig (and many more guinea pigs) 
Pip the Degu 

Plus mice, rats, quail and more

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